Our beans are hand picked from an organic distributor in Calgary, Alberta.  

Amaretto Almond-This coffee tastes like smooth Amaretto liqueur with freshness of almonds

Banana Cream -Banana Cream is a superbly rich and creamy blend of Banana that brings an old-fashioned flavour home

Bavarian Dutch Chocolate -This chocolate flavoured coffee is richly flavoured with traditional chocolate flavours. Richly dark and creamy.

Blackberry Brandy - The essence of vine ripened blackberries makes this coffee wonderfully sweet and flavourful.

Butter Rum- Butter Rum has sweet and spicy butterscotch flavours blended to make a beautifully balanced, aromatic coffee.

Butter Pecan - Reminiscent of a Southern treat...rich, creamy praline wraps itself around the nutty taste and aroma of Southern pecans.  

Butterscotch Toffee - Has the unmistakable aroma of buttery toffee, roasted almonds and sweet cream which creates an indulgent taste sensation.

Blueberry Muffin - A new summer flavour. You will enjoy the taste of fresh baked Blueberries muffins in a coffee. 

Canadian Maple - Cool crisp mornings inspired this flavoured coffee. Imagine the sweet maple flavour warming you up as you drink your coffee.

Caramel - Rich and smooth with the flavours of buttery caramel and cream. 

Chestnut Cream - Creamy, toasty chestnuts combine with a backdrop of vanilla essence to form a unique blend that is bound to tantalize.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut - The sweet taste of Chocolate and the tantalizing taste of Macadamia nuts combined to make the rich taste of this coffee.

Chocolate Mint - The flavour of creamy, rich chocolate with just the right touch of mint. A delicious and satisfying cup of coffee.




Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Raspberry is a sensational blend of rich, dark chocolate enhanced with the fruity bouquet of ripe raspberries.

Cinnamon Kiss - Cinnamon in the Supreme has the sweet and spicy aroma and flavour of cinnamon that will delight your palate and senses.

Coconut Cream - This Coconut coffee has sweet fresh coconut combined our smooth coffee a true tropical experience.

Creme Brulee - Crème Brulee is a rich, full-bodied coffee flavoured with cream and caramelized brown sugar that will satisfy your craving.

Danish Pastry - Cinnamon and spice and all things nice! After drinking this flavourful blend your taste buds will dance.

Double Nut Fudge - Decedent chocolate fudge and crunchy nuts are the perfect combination in this rich coffee.

Egg Nog - A great cup of coffee with the flavour of Egg Nog. Perfect for the Holidays! 

French Caramel - This coffee drizzles of sweet, buttery caramel and brown sugar. 

French Vanilla - When thinking about french vanilla think of visions of vanilla bean flecked scoops of ice cream but in a coffee.

Gingerbread - A holiday classic gingerbread flavoured coffee.  Combination of ginger with the perfect amount of cinnamon and vanilla.

Hazelnut - Rich creamy hazelnut flavour with great coffee taste.

Highlander Grogg - A delicious combination of Caramel, Butterscotch and Hazelnut.

Hula PieIsland - Roasted coffee flavour with coconut, hazelnut and macadamia nuts – a daring combination of tastes for the adventurous gourmet coffee lover!

Irish Cream - Irish cream coffee is made with a flavouring that brings back the wonderful taste of Irish Cream liqueur.

Jamaican Rum - The finest coffee infused with the richest, sweetest essence of the darkest tropical island rum. You've gotta taste it to believe it. absolutely delicious! 

Java Jazz - This javalastic coffee will excite your tastebuds with every sip.

Macadamia Nut - The nutty taste of macadamia nuts combined with coffee to make an irresistible duo.

Maple Walnut - A sweet Maple sugar laced with the flavour of English Walnuts .

Orange Brandy Liquor - Flavour with a delicate twist of orange roasted into our fresh coffee beans.

Peaches and Cream - Peaches and Cream coffee has a wonderful taste of peaches topped with delicious whipped cream.

Peppermint - Silky smooth flavoured coffee with a holiday peppermint twist. 

Santa's Blend - This holiday treat has a special blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and a hint of santas secret spice.

Southern Pecan - Reminiscent of a Southern treat...rich, creamy praline wraps itself around the nutty taste and aroma of Southern pecans. 

Swiss Chocolate Almond - Velvety Swiss chocolate from the Alps and fresh slivered almonds create this sensational brew for chocolate and coffee lovers alike.

Toasted Almond - The rich flavour of toasted almonds draped over the finest beans producing a full bodied cup with a sweet nutty aroma. 

Vanilla Nut - Rich and velvety to the senses with a slightly nutty and smooth vanilla taste.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut -  A favourite cookie flavour makes a great taste as a dessert coffee. The sweet flavours of vanilla and macadamia nuts roasted into our fresh coffee beans.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut - The flavour of sweet macadamia nuts and the richness of white chocolate are the perfect compliment to a quality cup of coffee